"To obtain real, visible results from your skincare routine, the products you use require the ability to travel into the deep layers of the skin. Without an effective delivery system into the skin, the active ingredients may not be fully absorbed, no matter how great the formulation may be."

Think of the epidermis as a thin layer of skin which provides a barrier that protects your skin from infection and environmental elements. Without this barrier to protect us, we would be increasingly susceptible to harmful elements such as, UV radiation, bacteria, chemicals, and viruses. Everything we are exposed to in our daily lives has the potential to jeopardize our health and well-being if the epidermis failed to do its job. As such, the epidermis is designed to keep things out, which poses a difficult challenge for skincare formulations. 

When we apply skincare formulations on our skin, whether the formula is able to reach the dead stratum corneum and into the living layers of the skin, depends on whether it is able to penetrate-the ability to reach the deep layers of the skin. Generally, skincare products that are applied topically lack the capacity to penetrate, resulting in major loss of active ingredients to evaporation. This is why the delivery mechanism used to deliver the formula is crucial to the effectiveness of the formulation itself.

We recognize this principle, and have dedicated significant efforts into finding a delivery mechanism which ensures that our formulation is able to successfully penetrate the skin to promote change.

Our Technology

The LipoButy™ Difference

LipoButy™ is a patented technology utilizing liposomes to facilitate the transport and delivery of the formulation into the deep layer of the skin. Due to its small particle size, the liposomes are able to efficiently and effectively deliver the formulation into the skin to promote real change. 

Liposomes are constructed of the same material as a cell membrane, meaning that it is able to mimic the property of the skin membrane, which allows it to seamlessly penetrate through the skin. The liposome entirely encapsulates and protects the formulation, which prevents degradation and loss of ingredients during transport. Within each drop of formulation, there are one trillion liposomes working diligently to get the formulation to where it needs to be.

Analysis in Fluorescent Intensity indicates that with the application of  LipoButy™ technology, our formulations were 10 times more prominent in the skin at 180μm when compared to other Non-LipoButy™ products, revealing increased efficacy through better absorption and penetration. 

Benefits of LipoButy™

Microscopic Yet Powerful

Each drop of formulation contains one trillion liposomes that work in harmony with the formulation to ensure successful delivery into the skin.

Full Encapsulation and Protection

The liposomes phospholipid bilayer preserves the integrity of the formulation and its active ingredients by encapsulating it entirely. This ensures that the formulation is fully protected during its transport.

The Beautiful Art of Imitation

Liposomes are made of the same material as cell membranes, which allows them to mimic and imitate the properties of skin membranes. With the help of liposomes, the formulation is able to successfully pass through the stratum corneum, which is designed to keep elements out.

10x Input

Fluorescent Intensity analysis revealed that the utilization of LipoButy™ allowed our formulations to reach a depth of 150-180 μm in just 5 minutes. Our formulations were 10X more prominent in the skin at 180μm when compared to other Non-LipoButy™ products, indicating greater penetration and absorption.